Easy to review your local butcher meat now
Really happy to find a site which will allow us to review each meat delivery from our local butchers - it will keep check and balance in place and overall give the customer a better experience when shopping for meat locally.
Raj, London Jan 23, 2019
Easy to search and filter based on HMC supplied butcher shops
Easy to order, add to cart and get a convenient total before paying online. The fact that all HMC butchers are on the platform is also great!
Maulana Zakaria, London Jan 23, 2019
Extremely convenient especially if you are working full time
So incredibly convenient when you can easily place the order any time you like and email or call them to arrange delivery at our convenience.
Haseeb, London Jan 23, 2019
Great deals and value for money
Had our first order delivered and was very happy with the overall experiment. Very professionally run company and much better than dealing with local butcher shops.
Zainab, London Jan 23, 2019
Will be buying soon
Really pleased with the fast delivery of our weekly meat. Fresh and delivered to your door. Best of all they are London based!
Rubina, London Aug 26, 2015
A great shopping experience!
The fact that all our local butchers are on this website its so easy to order from different butchers and get them delivered to my home. So convenient
Fatima, London Aug 26, 2015