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Fresh Grade 'A' BONELESS THIGH CHICKEN. Sized Whole Bird - Quality and welfare are the prime considerations of the BONELESS THIGH CHICKEN. You have the option for how many CUTS you require  and Skin options as well. You can buy this as fresh CHICKEN option or you can have it cooked as well using our network of chefs

Storage: Keep refrigerated at 0°C to +4°C. Once opened, use within 24 hours.
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Metric for the Quantity: Each quantity is a whole chicken bird
Butcher: Ibrahim Butcher, London UK
Cooking Ideas or Recipes: View our recipe section
Delivery Timescale: If you have ordered fresh meat then allow 1 to 2 working days for delivery. If you need the meat to be cooked by us then please allow more time we will update you when you place the order for the food to be prepared from the list of dishes which we offer.
Cooking metrics: If you are having us cook this chicken for you then typically 1 chicken can cater for 4 people eating from that dish. So if you select 2 chickens and want us to cook that for you in the selected dish then 8 people can comfortably eat from a dish made from 2 whole chicken etc

Looking for a catering service: Now get local nearby to you best biryani caterer in London. We offer halal cheap catering for party, wedding events, Iftar parties and even students looking for pack lunch. If you are looking for halal organic meat then we cater those requests also. We supply to individuals but also take wholesale orders. Does not matter what your ethnic background is be it Pakistani, Indian or Bengali, our chefs can muster a blend of different ethic tastes. Now buying or ordering fresh or ready made food online has never been so easy. If you need special marinated chicken then contact us.

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