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This is a authentic Shan Biryani Masala packet to help you get those delicious biryani dishes ready. Now you can get that authentic taste at home with the help of this masala to get that rich aroma and taste to get that wonderful tasting food experience. Now you can benefit from buying bulk and get the discount for wholesale buy also.  

Weight: 50 grams
Storage: Normal room temperature
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Metric for the Quantity: Each quantity is sold as awhole packet 
Delivery Timescale: Delivery Timescale: Please allow 1 to 2 working days for delivery.

Cooking guidelines/tips: You can use this masala packet to prepare your biryani. You can start with heat oil and fry some onion until it turns nice and golden. You can add this shan biryani masala and then mix for 6-7 mins. You can then add your favourite yogurt and water. Add the meat then cover and allow it to cook until the meat is nice and tender. You can now add the tomatoes and mix at high heat until the oil beings to separate from the gravy.  Now we need to get the rice ready - have around 14 tea cups boiling water, add and mix 3 tablespoon of salt and rice. Now boil the rice until its nearly half cooked then remove and drain the excess water.  Put the rice in a pot and add the meat gravy and then top up with extra rice. You can add some yellow food colour to get that biryani look and add coriander and mint leaves. Heat till rice is nice and tender (approx 5 mins)

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